"That's the thing about pictures: they seduce you"

- David Byrne - 

We are Dario and Ivan. Codice EGO is the name we have chosen to tell our music. What we play and produce together since December 2016 in the shadow of Castello di Rivoli, a stone's throw from Turin, Italy. Codice EGO is born of pure and profound veneration for all that has transmitted strong and vivid emotions during our existence.


From Nick Hornby to Hermann Hesse, from David Sylvian to Cure, passing through Chet Baker to Lucio Dalla, without forgetting the visceral love for the comic strip - Dylan Dog, of course, but also Zagor, Alan Ford, Pazienza's works - horror films of the great masters of all time and the immortal works of art by filmmakers like Leo, Tarantino, Lynch, Kubrick, Allen, Hitchcook.


If looking at a painting by Dalì, Picasso, Mirò or Chagall you feel drawn into a parallel world, full of suggestions and references, then it is definitely time to make a piece of road together. The music we play is the synthesis of our love for beauty in all its forms and will be the means of communication through which we will take you on this journey full of suggestions and contaminations.